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What is Squarespace? Why Choose a Squarespace Website Designer?

Squarespace is a website design platform that is used by Donna Halme Designs and many other website designers all over the world to create customized Squarespace websites for their client’s businesses.

There is nothing worse than investing time and money into something you are proud of to watch it collect dust. Many Squarespace webs designers are educated specifically in website design and, in some cases, know very little about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Donna Halme Designs, however, does go that extra mile. If SEO is important to you a Squarespace web designer that knows their stuff when it comes to search engine marketing and optimization is the right fit for you. Squarespace is built with all the modern SEO standards in mind, however, you still have to know what information to put where.

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