What is Squarespace? Why Choose a Squarespace Website Designer?

Squarespace is a website design platform used by web designers all over the world to design customized websites for their client’s businesses.

What is Squarespace?

For starters, Squarespace is, no doubt about it, one of the rising stars in the world of DIY website building. Recently named #8 as one of Forbes Cloud 100 Companies (private tech cloud-based companies to watch), the platform is as user friendly as web design gets. Owner Anthony Casalena, developed Squarespace as a blog-hosting service while attending the University of Maryland. He founded it as a company in 2003, and was its only employee until 2007, when it reached $1 million in revenue. The company grew from 30 employees in 2010 to 550 by 2015. By 2014, it raised a total of $78.5 million in venture capital; added e-commerce tools, domain name services, and analytics. Squarespace has purchased Super Bowl advertising spots in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Its 2017 ad won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial. In 2017, it signed a sponsorship deal with the New York Knicks to add the Squarespace logo to their uniforms.

Award-winning support

The 24/7 customer care team at Squarespace is available seven days a week, 24-hours a day, and has won several awards for outstanding customer support.

Built-In SEO

Every Squarespace website is equipped with all the elements needed for a strong SEO strategy. Site descriptions, page titles, custom URL’s, search-friendly formatting, and other key elements are all easily managed. Furthermore, there is an automatically generated built-in sitemap that helps Google to crawl, understand, and ultimately, rank a website.

Help to get found online

There is nothing worse than investing time and money into something you are proud of to watch it collect dust. Many Squarespace webs designers are educated specifically in website design and, in some cases, know very little about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Donna Halme Designs, however, does go that extra mile. If SEO is important to you a Squarespace web designer that knows their stuff when it comes to search engine marketing and optimization is the right fit for you. Squarespace is built with all the modern SEO standards in mind, however, you still have to know what information to put where.

Room to grow

Squarespace was designed for everyone from bloggers to musicians to online retailers, so your clients can be confident that it is robust and flexible enough to grow with them. For more information about Squarespace.

Why Choose a Squarespace Website Designer?

You may be wondering, why choose a Squarespace website designer? Well, websites are an investment and hiring a Squarespace website designer to create the website you truly want will save you time and stress while also helping grow your business. It will also help get your beautiful new website seen online through knowledge of search engine optimization through Google and Bing. The other reason is it will save you time, as anyone can throw together a templated website in a matter of minutes. Not many people are satisfied with the basics though. They want more but they don’t realize it until they are staring at blank website they just signed up for.

It allows you to avoid a “cookie cutter” template design. Nobody wants to be that guy that has a website we have all seen a million times before. with DIY (Do It Yourself) websites, people often find they don’t have the time or knowledge to customize their template and make it truly unique. Any business hoping to stand out from the competition will know the importance of being original and unique, online and offline. Squarespace web designers know how to utilize HTML and CSS to create truly unique website on Squarespace that maintain all the great, easily modifiable elements of the platform itself.

Whether it is that fancy feature you see on another company’s website, animated scrolling, or that cool thing where the logo moves, all of these tweaks will take time to research, practice, and implement for a non-developer. A Squarespace expert can deliver the site you really wanted in a fraction of the time. Also when you invest in a website, it should pay for itself by helping you achieve your goals; whether those goals are to drive traffic, collect leads, or raise brand awareness.

About Donna Halme Designs

Donna Halme Designs is a Squarespace web design company, working with business owners and service professionals to design customized, secure, search engine optimized, and responsively designed websites that reflect your business and branding. Our company has the experience, knowledge, and design skills to create a website that will provide a return on your investment. We will showcase your business, services, products and more, in a way that is professional, functional, easy to read and navigate throughout your site. If requested, we can connect official third-party integrations, place custom code snippets, provide more extensive search engine optimization services, and much more to get your website seen online.

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